Government restrictions ask the public to stay at home only to go out for necessary journeys to work, exercise or shop for food. These restrictions are now being enforced by the Police and apply also to waterborne activity:

Only one person should be in one craft unless from the same family/residence. 

No more than two people from one family/residence should be in one craft.

People and boats should remain at least two metres apart at all times.

There should be no group activity. 

Please help to control the spread of Coronavirus by behaving responsibly and thereby keeping hospital admissions to a minimum to protect our NHS and staff.

Thank you very much.

David Southwood

Chairman RYHA


Ivybridge & District Association of Local Councils

The Commissioner's office have issued a bulletin to councillor advocates today (18 March) regarding an anticipated increase in domestic abuse, hate crimes, fraud and sexual exploitation as a result of the effect of Covid-19.

They have asked that anyone being subject to any of these crimes should contact the Victim Care Unit which is based in Exeter: 

Crimes can also be reported anonymously on 0800 555 111 which is the number for Crimestoppers.

In addition to advice from Public Health England and the Government, and common sense precautions, the Chairman of the Parish Council has the following suggestions, at local level, for those self-isolating:


1. In order to make isolation easier to cope with it would help if our community divided itself up into street or locality groups in order to look after one another.


2. Decide on one person to coordinate a group effort to;


a) Purchase supplies on behalf of the other members, either directly from a store, by “Click and Collect” or online with one delivery address.


The organiser could arrange payment by BACS, cheque or cash, (bearing in mind strict hygiene measures,) especially at a supermarket (trolley handles are a particular risk) and handling money.


b) The collection of medication from the Pharmacy.


c)  Household fuel in manageable amounts.


d) If ill, keep someone local aware of your progress.




NEWTON & Noss Parish Council  urges everyone to follow advice from Public Health England, the NHS, Devon County Council and South Hams District Council which may change as the epidemic runs on in the UK.


The  Parish Clerk has been posting information received on the Parish Council website notice board and circulating to those registered to receive email news from the Parish Council. If you would like to be added to the email circulation list, please contact the Clerk. Parish Councillors telephone numbers are on the Parish Council website or  can be received by contacting the Clerk


We are fortunate that we are a very helpful and engaged Parish that is used to looking out for one another. However there are a  large number of older residents, and those who care for family members, who may be feeling concerned and could be more vulnerable to sickness if they are worried about how they will feed themselves or how their medication will reach them.


It is really important that help is asked for and  help offered, sooner rather than later. Please think about residents along your road who may need such help with food deliveries and medication collections  ( subject to common sense precautions being taken) or just touch base with them on a daily basis by telephone to let them know someone is thinking and watching out for them.


The Parish Council has already approached the Pharmacy , Co-op, Churches, WI, Lunch Club Organisers and Hospital Drivers. They may all have a role to play at some stage.


Information will be posted on the Newton &Noss Village Facebook page, the Parish Council website, and, it is hoped, on local Radio.


PLEASE, if you need help then ask.


You may find the following links to websites helpful:


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