02 2019 newsletter

Summer Newsletter 02/2019

The water butts are once again full, but it is still cold and wet. Were you aware that there are lots of indoor events and activities going on in and around our villages?

A new coffee morning and chat has been organised jointly between the village post office and the “Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm”. This occurs every Friday morning at Newton PO, 11.00-12.00am – Home made cakes and coffee £3.50.

There is also a Barn dance on 21st June,in aid of Cancer Research, a horrible illness that touches most of us in some way.

To keep up to date with whats on, view our community calendars or our notice board on the RYDA web site. (https://ryda.org.uk).

Weather warnings are also posted on our face book page which has welcomed 5 new members this month.


We told you in May 2018 that we are on the lookout for an editor for our newsletter. This situation remains unchanged. If you are even the remotest bit interested in trying your hand at basic editorship, please get in touch. Perhaps you know someone who is doing a Journalism or Media course at University and wants experience. It is not onerous as we aim to publish just 6 Newsletters a year. Each one may not need more than a few hours’ work and can all be done remotely by email etc. No need for endless editorial meetings! Very basic IT skills are all that are required as the task is mainly coordinating articles provided by others and making sure they are in a common format. If you can use Microsoft Word (or similar), you’ll be fine. Please contact a member of the committee for more details.

If you have a “pet subject” you wish to air, the contribution of a couple of lines will be welcome.

Village Parking

Are you aware your village has a working group looking at parking and traffic flow issues. A survey will be taking place along Yealm Road shortly, and your participation will be appreciated.

Please remember to park considerately and give way to emergency vehicles especially at pinch points, and blind bends. Slow down ---Be Considerate.

There have now been two print runs of “The Spirit of the Yealm” local history book. It is no surprise to discover that it did not include every bit of information, story or picture that was available at the time. As it has been sold, more and more information, and in some cases interesting pictures have come to light, often from the families of those mentioned in the book, but who have long left the village to live across the country, and in some instances around the world.

The RYDA has agreed to host further items of interest on the web site, which can then be read alongside the book itself. To make it easier to cross-reference these new submissions, they will be directly related to chapters in the original book.

If you have any further information that you think might be worthy of inclusion, please let Ron Furzeland, or Robin Hogg know by Email, preferably by submitting the information in Microsoft Word. Photographs should be submitted at a minimum of 300dpi.


Robin Hogg.                 robstarflotilla@gmail.com


Ron Furzeland.             ronald.furzeland@btinternet.com

2 gentlemen from Bishops Court would like a lift once a month to attend a music afternoon with the Village Aires in Brixton Community rooms (part of the Dementia Friendly villages of the Yealm program). This is a Friday, once a month, 14.00-15.30. Can you help? Please contact Lesley 07838375449 lesleyswp@live.co.uk

Singing Along – there’s nothing more uplifting than singing along to favourite tunes and lyrics. Join the Brixton Village Airs 2.00 – 3.30 pm at Brixton Community Room. Next meeting 21st June


Another new box for Noss?

Woodville, Pillory Hill, Noss Mayo.

This site has a long and contentious Planning history, commencing in 2013 when two proposed schemes were withdrawn, a later application was refused and another dismissed on appeal. These were followed by a scheme for a four bedroom two story house which was approved in 2018. This new proposal is for the demolition of the existing (in poor condition) 2/3 bedroom house and replacement by a modern style (sedum green roof) 4 bedroom house. Please click on the link for full details: Planning Application 1025/19/FUL where you can also make your comments to South Hams DC.

The new proposal will occupy a similar part of the site as the extant approval, however, due to the low profile of the roof, this new proposal it appears to be slightly lower. Although larger, to some extent this is achieved by the innovative use of a subterranean bedroom on an intermediate level above the garage, there are to be three other en-suite bedrooms. There is also a TV room and an office with potential to be used as bedrooms.

The construction process will entail considerable excavation and therefore a significant volume of spoil removal along Pillory Hill. Material delivery and storage, noise from heavy machinery and builders parking will all present a need for careful management, yet the application fails to address these issues.

The view from Newton Creek and Newton Ferrers of both schemes is shown below, with the top drawing of the latest revised proposal and the bottom drawing of the earlier approved scheme:

You may feel that the design is not in keeping with neighbouring properties or that the increase in number of bedrooms is not supported by local need and that such additional accommodation will cause more traffic on Pillory Hill which is ill placed to cope. Although the approved design predates the Neighbourhood Plan, this new application should be subject to its requirements, which it fails on a number of points.

Whilst the Parish Council have submitted an Objection, your RYDA have not reached a conclusion, therefore your views would be useful.

Old Signal Station

Of particular interest to walkers is a National Trust application Planning Application Ref: 1618/19/FUL to convert the old Signal Station at Gunrow’s Down near Hilsea Point, into a shelter and basic accommodation for walkers using the South West Coast Path.

Although there is no provision for electricity, it may be that PV panels and battery storage could be a later addition, subject to Planning approval. The accommodation includes: sleeping platforms for 4, worktop and sink, plus a WC and hand basin.

The justification is that this would preserve a heritage building with minimum change to the existing building other than a small extension for the WC, drainage and potential PV panels. It is understood that the National Trust Ranger would check the accommodation, empty and clean the composting WC periodically.