Aug 2019 newsletter

We have had some photos of lorries trying to get through, one of which had to reverse back as he couldn’t get through.

Our village parking group has been looking at parking and traffic flow issues place along Yealm Road, your participation has been appreciated.

If you haven’t sent your questionnaire back yet it isn’t too late. The PO have agreed to collect the hard copies of questionnaires on our behalf.

So far it has identified that double yellow lines are not being respected, and room for emergency vehicles to get through isn’t being considered. I did hear that one response was “it hasn’t happened yet” Maybe not, but it could happen and that emergency vehicle could be trying to get to you.

Please remember to park considerately and give way to emergency vehicles especially at pinch points and blind bends. Slow down ---Be Considerate.

Do not forget this is also a bus route. Which leads us onto some of our other reports including someone parking on double yellow opposite the bus bay, which is needed for turning the bus round, and a lady who couldn’t get into her garage because of someone parked in front of it.

The Co-op area is also causing concern, particularly with regard to thoughtless parking as close to the door as possible. A car was even seen parking at the T junction at the top of Newton Hill, alongside the wall to Court House, causing difficulties to drivers from 3 directions. Just be aware of where & how you are parking and think of others.

Late Summer Newsletter 03/2019

The group, Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm, held the most amazing Summer Concert with Plymouth Sounds Choir at the end of July, raising funds for their charity.

A regular coffee morning is held in our Post Office on a Friday Morning 11.00 to 12.00, support the Dementia Friendly Group & the Post Office in one visit.

The word ‘dementia’ describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language. These changes are often small to start with, but for someone with dementia they can become severe enough to affect daily life. Misleadingly, Alzheimer’s is called a “disease”. You cannot “catch it”. It is caused by an abnormal protein surrounds brain cells and another protein damages their internal structure. In time, chemical connections between brain cells are lost and cells begin to die.


Have you seen the video from the Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm? It is quite informative, and it is great to see our villages involved. 


Members will already know that the RYDA manages Brookings Down Wood and Eastern Hill Wood on behalf of the Woodland Trust. Both Woods are adjacent to each other on Middlecombe, Noss. They are leased to the RYDA. Brookings Down Wood was purchased by public subscription several years ago whilst Eastern Hill Wood was gifted to the Woodland Trust in 2017.

There is now an opportunity for the villages to acquire 3 acres of woodland running uphill from the end of Lower Court Road in Newton This parcel of bluebell woodland would link up with the area already held by the Woodland Trust via a steep path off Lower Court Road.

The path would run south-east to the top then continue northeast to join the present Woodland Trust boundary and existing path towards the top of the steps that come up from just above river. A most pleasant circular walk from Lower Court Road to the top of the woodland, along the field boundary and down to Court Wood roadway via the creek would be the result.

The Woodland Trust would be prepared to acquire title but, as they have no available funds, we would have to raise the money by donations. The cost would be circa £18,000 but this could be covered with donations of £15,000 plus gift aid. The purchase of the Wood would protect an important part of Court Wood from any development at some point in the future or from a private owner deciding to fence it off for his own enjoyment. Click here for plan.


David Stembridge has kindly offered to be Fund-Raiser-in-Chief and so please contact David if you are able to commit to a donation. His contact details are: David Stembridge. Omega, 101 Court Road

Newton Ferrers PL8 1DE. Tel: 873200;


We need to act quickly before the wood goes on public sale by auction, and so please let us have your promises as soon as possible.


This is just the sort of initiative the RYDA should be supporting so please DIG DEEP.

Do You Just Belong?

Are you an active member;
The kind that would be missed?
Or are you just contented
That your name is on the list?
Do you attend the meetings
And mingle with the crowd?
Or do you stay at home
And crab both long and loud?

Do you take an active part
To help the church along
Or are you satisfied to be
The kind that just belong?
Do you ever go to visit
A member that is sick,
Or leave the work for just a few
And talk about the clique?

There's quite a program scheduled
That means success if done,
And it can be accomplished
With the help of everyone.
So attend the meetings regularly,
And help with hand and heart—
Don't be just a member,
But take an active part.

Think this over, member:
Are we right or are we wrong?
Are you an active member?
Or do you just belong?




A typical committee meeting is friendly & short. We generally quaff a glass of wine (or two) while discussing the items on the agenda.and everybody’s views are respected.

We were set up originally as partly an amenity group, partly a residents’ association and partly as a conservation group. Those broad aims continue to this day.

Our key Objectives are: ·


  • To preserve the natural beauties of the tidal waters of the River Yealm and the surrounding countryside and villages, and to protect structures of architectural or historic interest and the character of areas of such interest.
  • To maintain and seek to improve the amenities and services of the district.


If you have similar views we would love to welcome you to the committee.


Meetings are held every two or three months. Our next meeting is in September. Why not contact a committee member and ask to pop along to see if this is for you

RYDA Planning brief


There are three new planning applications we wish to draw to your attention and seek your views.

Firstly, a relatively minor proposal at Smithy Cottage, Stoke Road, Bridgend, a Garden Room over an existing Boathouse, including a WC and shower.

Although on the narrow Stoke Road, there is said to be sufficient on-site space for loading construction materials, but use will need to be made of parking on Bridgend Quay. It could also be anticipated that use will be made of access along the foreshore.

The design allows for the existing stone walls to remain with a new natural slate to roof and gables.

For details click: Planning Application 2326/19/HHO

Smithy Cottage – Boathouse with Garden Room over, as seen from the creek



A more significant application is for two, separate applications for redevelopment of Poppy Cottage on Riverside Road West, and for a new dwelling on adjacent land, in what was the garden of Poppy Cottage. Both of similar two story design, with cement render under slate roofing, each having a half hip roof over first floor balconies. Poppy Cottage (click for details) and New house in garden of Poppy Cottage

Land adjacent to Poppy Cottage                                                                             Poppy Cottage


Although just outside the Conservation Area, the impact of a modern design in proximity to Listed Buildings needs careful consideration. Particular issues are:


  • During consultation for the Neighbourhood Plan (N3P) there was considerable opposition to “garden grabbing” and overdevelopment of sites. As this seems to be somewhat subjective, do you consider this is “overdevelopment” of this site?
  • Despite being contained in a number of panes, the design introduces considerable areas of glazing. Does this present risk of reflection and light pollution close to the river?
  • Is the massing of the roof design excessive and should this be reduced perhaps by incorporating full or half hips in place of the gable end roof?
  • Do the new houses affect the N3P “protected” view along Riverside Road West, as identified in the Conservation Area Appraisal, or are they set sufficiently back to negate this?
  • There is no public car parking space on this part of Riverside Road, so it is important that any new development has sufficient. The application for the new house claims that two spaces will be provided, but as garages don’t count (who parks in their garage?) it is difficult to identify where this parking is located.
  • These new houses are relatively “modest” and being each of three bedrooms they meet a defined local need for small family homes. The Design and Access Statement for one of the homes says that it will provide for the children of a local family to remain living in the village. However there is no commitment to a Principal Residence Requirement for either property.
  • The construction of these two houses will involve disruption of the lives of residents of Riverside Road West. According to the Construction and Management Plan, usefully submitted with the Application, there will be sufficient space on site for storage of materials, though not for parking.

The last application we wish to highlight is for a new dwelling on land to the South of Lochalsh, Lower Court Road. This is a revised plan following one withdrawn in December last year and to which there were many objectors, including your RYDA.

Land south of Lockalsh - for more detail click link   2436/19/FUL resubmission of 3241/18/FUL.


Although our original objection remains largely valid the new proposal has improved the parking provision with a sufficient forecourt for at least 2 cars plus the double garage.

The site lies in an area of partly wooded hillside among widely dispersed dwellings overlooking the Yealm Estuary but outside of the development boundary. The wooded areas between the dwellings help to reduce the impact of these buildings on the surrounding AONB. Will this new house adversely impact the beauty of this area?

The proposed dwelling is a modest two bedroom house and would provide a compact family home. Indeed the Design and Access Statement says that the owners wish to live in the property. The design of this new house would also be reasonably suited to holiday or second home use but as a new property it would be constrained by a Principal Residence requirement although no commitment to such a Condition is made within the application.


Finally, in determining our response to these proposals, your RYDA Committee needs your views and observations, please!


The River Yealm and District


Registered Charity No. 262929