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Featuring: Parking and traffic problems; Newton and Noss Village Hall appeal; Newton & Noss in 1895; Traffic speed; Jungles Under the Sea; Did you know?

Planning applications include: Wycherley, 66 Yealm Road & appeal re boathouse at Tamarinda, Yealm View Road


Featuring:- Scams, telephone boxes, Cellars Bay Seagrass Meadow, The mobile Library, Parking, Fly tipping, St Lukes Gardens, our whimsical item. 

Planning applications include: Rosemont and Woodville on Pillory Hill.


Featuring:- RYDA update; Dog control Consultation; Additions to "Spirit of the Yealm"; Photographic competition with Yealm Bio Blitz; An update on the Harbour Clean-up; Suggested walks; Strange but true Trivia.

Planning applications include: Land at Kegwell Farm, Newton Ferrers, PL8 & Newton & Noss Housing


Featuring:- Commenting on Planning Applications; An addition to "The Spirit of the Yealm";

Local Wildlife; The history of current day sayings; Free stuff during Lockdown; Food for Free.

Planning applications include: The Retreat, Riverside Road West; 46 The Fairway; Collaton


Featuring:- Virus update; Additions to "The Spirit of the Yealm"; News from Plymouth Libraries; County Lines; recycling centres; River Yealm Harbour Authority;

Planning applications include: The Mooring, Newton Hill; Builder’s Yard opposite the Old Lifeboat House, Yealm Road; Ferrymans Cottage, Passage Road. 


Featuring:- free web sites for entertainment and self improvement; Parish Council Out of Hours Phone number; Our Woodlands; Scams; what to do with glass bottles; National Garden Scheme; Wild Garlic; Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm; Covid Guidelines;    

Planning applications include: Swans Way, Pillory Hill; The Retreat, Riverside Road West;

The Smithy, 61 Stoke Road, Bridgend; Rowan Orchard, Bridgend; Tamarinda, 11 Yealm View Road.



Featuring:- free web sites for entertainment and self improvement; Road Verges for Wildflower Corridors; Fresh Fish Delivery; Plymouth Digital Library & Yealm Community Energy


Featuring:- Court Woodland; free web sites for entertainment and self improvement.

Planning applications include: Land opposite Lifeboat House, Yealm Road; Carradale, Passage Road & Rosemont, 42 Yealm Road.


Featuring;- RYDA AGM 2020; Harbour clean up; Air Ambulance landing area & litter.

Planning applications include: Construction Management Plans; Woodville; Pedestrian access from Barnicott cottage tennis court; The Retreat, Riverside Road West; 1 Church Park & the

Old paint laboratory


Featuring :- Purchase of Part of Court Wood; New RYDA Committee members; Further additions to the “Spirit of the Yealm” book; feedback to response following the Yealm Road Parking questionnaire; 


Featuring :-Village Parking Group; “Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm”;

Purchase of Part of Court Wood; RYDA Committee members appeal.

Planning applications for:- Smithy Cottage; Poppy Cottage on Riverside Road West, and for a new dwelling on adjacent land & land to the South of Lochalsh, Lower Court Road


Featuring:- coffee morning and chat organised between the village post office and the “Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm”; Village Parking; “The Spirit of the Yealm” local history book & appeal for volunteer drivers.

Planning applications for:- Woodville, Pillory Hill, Noss Mayo & The Old Signal Station


Featuring:- RYDA AGM; New courses and activities; Lunch Clubs & Life on the Yealm.

Planning applications  for:- house on land adjacent to Barnicott; self-build dwelling North of Perches Close, Membland; 2 new properties on Stoke Road, near the junction with Pillory Hill & the Public toilets


Featuring:- Popes Quay; Winter driving; The villagers' get-away; Changes to the Committee & Yealm Community Energy. Planning applications  for:- A new house on Stoke Road near Junket Corner; and a new 2 bedroomed cottage on Lower Court Road


Featuring:- Commonwealth War Graves; The source of the River Yealm; An appeal for photographs, information & help.  Planning applications for:- Briar Hill Farm &  a new quay and Boat house


Featuring:- THE GREAT PILGRIMAGE (GP90) . The Launch of the RYDA web site; The parking study group & the Neighbourhood plan for Newton and  Noss. Planning applications for:- The land opposite Thorndean; The Moorings on Newton Hill ; The Lookout & 29, The Fairway.


Featuring:- AGM; Harbour Clean up; Twinning; GDPR; Neighbourhood Plan. Planning applications for:- Yealm Hotel; Old Reservior House; 8 Perches Close; Tamerinda, Yealm View Road & Landfall, Court Wood.


Featuring:- Professor Richard Thompson OBE ; charitable causes; the Post Office/Community Shop; Dolphins in the entrance to Newton Creek; the solar farm at Newton Downs; The RYDA AGM & planning applications for Landfall, Court Wood and Tamarinda, Yealm View Road


Featuring: - Eastern Hill Wood; local community fund and the village hall in Noss. Planning applications for 48 Yealm Road & Briar Hill Farm


Featuring: - the Post Office/Community Shop and its future


Featuring: - New format newsletter; AONB; the Plymouth and South Devon local plan; N3P; Planning applications


Featuring: - One council & the Post Office/Community Shop. Planning applications include: Steps Cottage; Westerley & Barnicott


Featuring: - One council; the Post Office/Community Shop; Planning applications include: Yealm Hotel; the Fairway & the Tea House


Featuring: - The water tower; the Post Office; Yealm Hotel; the Fairway & the Tea House


Featuring: - The Yealm Hotel; the Co-op, & the neighbourhood plan. Planning applications include: The Tea House; Barnicott; 9 Butts Park; 10 Acre Archers Court & Brook Bakery


Featuring :- The Yealm Hotel; The Co-op; Affordable housing; Brookings Down Wood & Eastern Wood and the Harbour Clean-up.


Featuring: - The Yealm Hotel


Featuring:- Eastern hill wood; The neighbourhood plan; Dye testing of the sewers; The harbour clean-up & Worswell Barton Farm


Featuring: - RYDA 2016 Honours list; the Yealm Hotel; The neighbourhood plan; Eastern wood & RYDA web site


Featuring: - Planning Application:  Extension to the Fairway


Featuring: - Newton and Noss neighbourhood plan; the Yealm Hotel, smart meters, & the Lord Seaton


Featuring:- Newton and Noss neighbourhood plan & the Fitzroy Barometers. Planning Application Parsonage Farm


Featuring: - Eastern Hill Wood


Featuring: - Housing needs survey; Harbour clean up; & AGM reminder


Featuring: - Superfast Broadband (SFBB) for Newton & Noss; Work on the A379 to start in April? & Newton Downs Farm solar energy


Featuring: - Local crime and neighbourhood watch; Congratulations to our Primary School; RYDA Website & village woodlands


Featuring: - The Yealm Hotel


Featuring: - The neighbourhood plan; Parish assets; Noss Steps; the Yealm Hotel & Village development boundaries


Featuring: - South Hams District Council elections; Newton and Noss Parish Council elections; Affordable housing & Public consultation over the Parsonage Farm project


Featuring: - Local bus service & the elections


Featuring: - The elections; RYDA AGM & the village directory

The River Yealm and District


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