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RYDA Newsletter                       No. 04/2020

 Newton & Noss Parish Council Out of Hours phone during the Corona / COVID 19 Pandemic

The Parish Council now have an "Out of Hours" contact number which is being manned on a rota basis when the Parish office is closed.

The Out of Hours phone number is 07470 124326

- This will be active for the duration of the Corona / COVID 19 Pandemic period
- Is not a replacement for any of the normal emergency numbers - eg 999, 101 etc
- Primarily to assist Residents that have a urgent food or pharmaceutical need
- We will try and assist with any urgent requirements that cannot wait for the Parish Office to reopen ( normal hours Mon to Fri 09:00 to 17:00 )

Please continue to to leave a voice message on the Parish Office answerphone or email for non urgent subjects
Shona McDonough, Parish Clerk,
Kevin Thomas, Parish Councillor,
Newton and Noss Parish Office - Phone 01752 872538 email

Our newly acquired Court Woodland (above)

Eastern Hill Wood   (Left below Right)     Brookings Down Wood

Although work is suspended due to virus lockdown, the woodlands are stunningly beautiful in their cloak of bluebells.

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One of our members received a realistic text claiming to be from HSBC regarding someone trying to take money from his account. This then asks for you to login to your account and the fraud starts. It is very convincing. The payee purports to be Mrs K Adams. If you bank with HSBC it would be very easy to respond with your detail. Another supposedly from Visa debit to say £600 had been taken from an account.  The person who called came across as so sympathetic and helpful that it would be very easy to get pulled in. Please be very careful.

We received an e mail asking what you can do with glass bottles.

Instead of throwing out those old wine bottles, wine-not (we had to!) turn them into neat, nifty projects? The glass containers are actually a whole lot more versatile than you might think. They can be turned into practical items that you use every day, or you can create cute ornaments that brighten up your home. Let these 37 craft ideas inspire you to get more creative with your leftover wine bottles.

In the current Coronavirus crisis, when our beautiful gardens are closed, the National Garden Scheme and its garden owners are working to bring the gardens to life for you with virtual garden visits, gardening tips and great stories 

If you are out on a walk today you might see in wooded areas amongst the bluebells a carpet of white and green. This is in fact wild wood garlic a relative of the onion. The smell gives it away and sometimes it can be quite overpowering.

In our gardens or on verges you might more commonly see the three cornered garlic or leek garlic. This looks like a white bell which grows rapidly and can take over so we probably spend time trying to lessen it advance in our gardens. The leaves of this garlic can be used and makes a good pesto.

One thing to remember about wild garlic is the plant is protected by the 1981 wildlife and countryside act which make it illegal to uproot.

Thank you to Trevor Clarke‎ for this item

You may be wondering what we have been doing as all our groups are temporarily suspended. Fear not, they will all be back up and running as soon as it is safe to do so.

Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm      

In the meantime, we are continuing to support all our families with a weekly telephone call. People are looking forward to hearing from us and often have a list of questions and things to just double check with us. They have welcomed the opportunity to chat and hear the news of others and to let us know when they have a problem, safe in the knowledge that we will help them.

People are coming across folk in their communities that they haven’t spoken to for months and suddenly realising that the person has changed. and appears to have a memory problem. Importantly they are raising this with us, no faltering at all. I hope this continues long after Coronavirus has disappeared.

Dementia is at the heart of all we do, and I have been thinking about the impact of Coronavirus on our daily lives and realise that it gives us a flavour of what it’s like to have dementia.

All of us are finding the ever changing guidelines a challenge and need to be reminded regularly of what we can do, what we can’t do, what the up to date opening times are for places we’ve always known, that we should stay close to home or that we shouldn’t drive places unless it’s an essential journey. We have all struggled with a new way of life. It’s made us feel a bit wobbly, it’s made us worry and we have sought reassurance from our nearest and dearest. It struck me that for those with dementia, this, is their reality. Waking up each morning, with a feeling of uncertainty and needing to seek clarification and reassurance. So, amidst all of the chaos, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. And it’s made me realise that our work in raising awareness and supporting people with dementia and their families is vital.

Rural communities are often known for being slightly intrusive, everybody knowing everybody’s business. At times like these I prefer to think of them as caring communities with a fierce sense of belonging, eager to look after their own. I believe the genuine acts of kindness and selflessness we have all seen daily are quite remarkable and when it’s over should be celebrated in true ‘village style’.

If you would like know more about Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm, please contact Maxine on 07450206312. Follow us on Face book and for our latest news on

Do not forget - You are not allowed to visit friends or family at their address, or in a public place. to socialise. You can deliver food packages and offer care and support to vulnerable people in your area, but place items on the doorstep and step back to ensure social distancing measures are followed. One of you might be a carrier of the virus and not know it

However new police guidelines, which emerged Thursday 16th April, list a string of scenarios which are likely to be considered reasonable under England’s coronavirus lockdown rules., you can

  • Exercise more than once per day and stop for a brief rest if needed;
  • Buy tools and supplies for maintenance and upkeep (but not paint and wallpaper);
  • Take pets to the vets, however, you are encouraged to sort medical needs for their pets over the phone where possible, such as renewing prescriptions.
  • Buy non-essential goods such as luxury items and alcohol


There is one new Planning application this month which we feel should be brought to your attention, this is at Swans Way, Pillory Hill, the Planning Application Reference is: 0730/20/FUL (for more detail click on the link).

The notice for this application describes it as a “roof extension with alterations and improvements to existing dwelling”, you may think that sounds relatively minor. However the reality is that an additional floor and new roof is being proposed. Unfortunately, this addition will overshadow a bedroom window and terrace of the adjacent property. An approximate outline of the proposed extension is shown Right. You can see the boundary / party wall of the neighbouring terrace at the bottom left of the picture. You may have views on this application; do you consider that this is excessively overbearing and likely to cause loss of light, amenity and be detrimental to the enjoyment of the adjacent house?

As always, if you feel strongly about any planning proposal, it is a good idea to lodge your comments with South Hams Council planning department as any RYDA comment will only count as one.

Although there are no other significant new Planning Applications, here is an update on current Planning Appeals which may be of interest:


The Retreat, Riverside Road West2624/19/HHO - to replace existing sheds with parking space and summer house. Appeal refused.


The Smithy, 61 Stoke Road, Bridgend

A Garden Room above an existing Boat Store. Appeal against refusal - decision awaited.


Rowan Orchard, Bridgend

Replace front porch with two storey extension. Appeal against refusal - decision awaited.


Tamarinda, 11 Yealm View Road.

New boathouse and quay (modified design). Appeal against non determination - decision awaited.

The River Yealm and District


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