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RYDA Newsletter

Autumn 2019

Thank you to all our friends and members who generously donated towards the purchase of Court Woodland. We are nearly there, and are waiting for the remaining funds to come in. We thought we would show you what we are intending to purchase on behalf of the village.

The purchase of the Wood would protect an important part of Court Woodland from any development at some point in the future or from a private owner deciding to fence it off for his own enjoyment.

As you can see the views are beautiful, and in spring it is carpeted with bluebells, but it needs quite a bit of work to clear and reinstate the paths, so to this end we will be looking for volunteers with saws!

A most pleasant circular walk from Lower Court Road to the top of the woodland, along the field boundary and down to Court Wood roadway via the creek would be the result. The RYDA plan to create a sub-committee to manage the Woodland, similar to that of Brookings Down & Eastern Hill Woods.

This land 3 acres of woodland which runs uphill from the end of Lower Court Road in Newton adjoins woodland held by the woodland trust, and is an enormous asset to the village.

If you haven’t yet decided to donate to this purchase it is not too late. David Stembridge has kindly offered to be Fund-Raiser-in-Chief and so please contact David if you are able to commit to a donation. His contact details are: David Stembridge. Omega. 101 Court Road, Newton Ferrers PL8 1DE. Tel: 873200


At a recent committee meeting we welcomed Drew Stevens and Peter Hall who agreed to be co-opted to the RYDA Committee.

We also decided to make our new District Councillor Dan Thomas an Honorary member of the RYDA, as we have done with our other local District Councillor Keith Baldry.

We have written on your behalf to the Parish Council with regard to the safety of the International Paint Laboratory in Newton Ferrers. The former laboratory continues to blight the waterside and fall into further disrepair.

Alan Lomax is the current rotating Chairman, initially for 3 months. He is taking over from Chris Bradley who is waiting to go into hospital.

Further additions to the “Spirit of the Yealm” book have been added to the web site.

It covers a contribution from Tony Baker and his daughter Kathy, covering life in the villages in the 1930s and during the second world war and the 1950s.

We also have an item about Robert Hodge, a remarkable man, like so many men of his time he was an experienced fisherman and together with his friend Stan Abbott was responsible for a highly dangerous rescue at sea. This was sent in by Chris and Ann Mason

Congratulations to Eric Rodmell , who celebrated his 103 birthday on Saturday October 12th

We had a good response following the Yealm Road Parking questionnaire, this will be collated and analysed to help the parking study.

Should you encounter any road problems e.g. dangerous parking, potholes, blocked drains, public footpaths etc. you can report them on the Devon County Council website at :

To provide evidence of the problem it is a good idea to take photos and attach them to your report.

Could you also tell the Parish council clerk about your report.

N3P is proving to be of immense value, being used extensively by the Parish Council and the Planning Authority for judging planning Applications & by the Planning Inspectors for appeals.

The River Yealm and District


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