The Spirit of the yealm

The Spirit of the Yealm

A Post Script!

There have now been two editions of this local history book. It is no surprise to discover that the authors, all 29 of us, did not include every bit of information, story or picture that was available to us at the time. As it has been sold, more and more information, and in some cases interesting pictures have come to light, often from the families of those mentioned in the book, but who have long left the village to live across the country, and in some instances around the world.


The “Engine Room Crew”, who put this book together, are now receiving these snippets of information, some of them which would have been well worthy of inclusion in the book originally. We have decided, therefore, to bring these bits of information together and publish them on line for everyone to read.


We are very fortunate that the River Yealm and District Association (RYDA) which hosts this website has agreed to host these submissions, which can then be read alongside the book itself. To make it easier to cross-reference these new submissions, they will be directly related to chapters in the original book.


If you, the reader, have any further information that you think might be worthy of inclusion, please let Ron Furzeland, or Robin Hogg know by Email, preferably by submitting the information in Microsoft Word. Photographs should be submitted at a minimum of 300dpi.


Email addresses:


Robin Hogg.         


Ron Furzeland.   


This will be a gradual process, as any new information comes to light. We hope that this will enable a more complete history of this community to be built up over time.

Click on the buttons below to reach the information, stories and photographs which will change as we obtain more information.

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