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World War II had a profound effect on the lives of those in Newton Ferrers and Noss Mayo. You will have read of the huge influx of troops, WRNS, and others, billeted around the community, of the RAF Barrage Balloon Site at Collaton, and the Heavy Gun Anti-aircraft Battery at Netton Farm.


It is hard now to imagine the damage to Plymouth during the Blitz. This map makes plain how the city itself was wrecked, and the sheer volume of bombs that devastated large areas of the city. As you can see from the map, bombs were usually laid in “sticks” aiming to “Straddle” the target.

Paul Francombe also mentions on page 149, the Plympton ARP Records of those bombs and other explosives that rained down around this community. This list might be of interest to those living near these sites today.


as listed in the Plymton A.R.P. book

21 October 1940:       In woods on Wrescombe Farm; 1 unexploded AA shell.

1 November 1940:     Pool Mill Farm; 2 Incendiary bombs.

                                    Membland Hall near kennels; 1Incendiary bomb.

27 November 1940:   Newton Ferrers field; 1 unexploded bomb.

                                    Newton Ferrers Creek; 3 high explosive bombs.

                                    Newton Ferrers Garden; 7 high explosive bombs, garage destroyed.

                                    Newton Downs; 1 high explosive bomb.

                                    Revelstoke; fields 10 high explosive bombs, damage to greenhouse.

                                    Moorwell Barton; field, 1 high explosive bomb.

                                    Newton Ferrers district; 100 Incendiary bombs.

                                    Coleston Farm; field, 1 high explosive bomb.

                                    Poolsmill Farm; field, 3 high explosive bombs.

                                    Pool Farm; field, 2 high explosive bombs.

                                    Middlecoombe Farm; field, 2 high explosive bombs.

                                    Newton Farm; field, 2 high explosive bombs.

                                    Shannons Farm; field, 2 high explosive bombs.

                                    Parsmill Farm; field, 1 high explosive bomb.

                                    Bridgend; centre of approach road, 1 high explosive bomb.

                                    Clannacoombe Farm; field 5 high explosive bombs.

                                    Irish's Meadow; 1 high explosive bomb.

                                    Worsall's Farm; field, 51 high explosive bombs.

                                    West Lodge; fields & woods, 7 high explosive bombs.

28 November 1940:  Coombe; field, 2 high explosive bombs.

                                    Netton Farm; field, 14 high explosive bombs.

                                    Near Warren Cottage; 8 high explosive bombs.

                                    Gara Point; 10 high explosive bombs.

                                    Coleston Farm; field, 3 high explosive bombs.

                                    Coleston Farm; field, 2,000 incendiary bombs.

30 November 1940:  Haster's Hill; field, 1 unexploded AA shell.

14 March 1941:         Noss Mayo side of Yealm; woods, 2 high explosive bombs. road damaged.

20 March 1941:         Court House Farm; Piggery yard, 1 high explosive bomb.

                                    Stop Brass near Cross; 1 high explosive bomb.

                                    Court Wood & Balloon Barrage;  200 incendiary bombs. Damage to 10 COuncil houses.

21 March 1941:          Daresgate Farm; fields,  8 high explosive bombs, 1 unexploded bomb.

16 April 1941:             Collaton Farm; field, 1 AA Shell.

29 April 1941:             Hennamill; damage to building, 1high explosive bomb.

6 May 1941:                Wrescoombe Farm; 1 unexploded AA shell.

7 May 1941:                Gara Point; 6 high explosive bombs.

9 July 1941:                 Wrescombe Farm; 1 unexploded bomb.

12 August 1943:         Newton Down Farm; 6 high explosive bombs.

6 November 1943:     Pridow Farm, Collaton Cross; incendiary bomb. barn & dwelling destroyed.

                                    Rowden Farm: 1 unexploded bomb, AA shell.

                                    Wrescoombe Farm; 1 Phosphorous bomb.

16 November 1943:   Preston Farm & Barrage Balloon centre; about 100 incendiary bombs. Slight damage. 1                                             R.A.F. person injured on station.

30 April 1943:            Creber's Coombe field; 1high explosive bomb.

                                    Noss Mayo Warren; 1high explosive bomb.

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