Chapter 4.7 The Sailing School

The Spirit of the Yealm

Chapter 4.7 The Sailing School

As is recorded in Spirit of the Yealm, the first sailing school on the River – and one of the very first in the country - was established in 1956 by Lt Cdr ‘RAB’ Moore and Denis Montgomery. The still photograph on Page 226 is taken from a British Pathé News film about the school. Whilst the video online address is given under the photograph, those interested in seeing how sailing was taught more than 60 years ago may find it easier to click on the following link:


Although Spirit of the Yealm did not have any entries about the authorities that have been in charge of the harbour, we have come across another British Pathé News film from 1961 about Miss Agnes ‘Aggie’ Russell who was then Britain’s only woman harbourmaster. Or maybe that should be harbourmistress! Click on the following link: